Granby Primary School

Governance Evaluation

In 2016, Granby Governors continued to evaluate their effectiveness by working with a retired head teacher to explore their level of Ofsted readiness. This involved looking at a series of challenging questions testing their clarity of strategic vision and the extent to which the head teacher is held to account. The governors were able to use this exercise as a basis for an action plan from June 2016 to July 2017.

Governor preparation for Ofsted

20 key questions for governing boards

Early in 2015, Granby Governors identified the need for an independent evaluation into the effectiveness of governance at Granby. Education consultant David Burgess was brought in to undertake this work which was based on the criteria for the effectiveness of governance as laid out in the Ofsted School Inspection Handbook. This review is published below.

In response to the report of the review, governors devised an action plan. Actions were identified which aimed to increase the effectiveness of governance and this has been regularly monitored to ensure that actions have been implemented. The latest version of the action plan is also published below.

Governance Review March 2015

Action Plan Nov '15 - Governance Review