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Pupil Premium Funding Plans 2016-17

All pupils eligible for Pupil Premium (ie. FSM pupils, those who have been FSM pupils in the last six years, children in care and pupils who have parents in the Armed Forces) are entitled to Pupil Premium support.

The total amount received for the Year 2016/17 by Granby Primary school is £120 000

The following provides a breakdown of how we intend to use this finance in 2016/17.

Pupil Premium Spending 2016/17
Initiative Years Provided by: Cost Success Criteria Monitored by Whom
PP Progress Meetings R-6  SMT/CT £3000 PP children have a clearer understanding of marking, feedback and targets CT/SMT
PP Additional support R-6  HLTAs £30 000 Progression gap narrowed HLTA/CT/SMT
PP Additional support R-6  Teacher £10 000 Progression gap narrowed CT/SMT
PP Additional support-Academic Coaching R-6  TAs £60 000 Progression gap narrowed TA/CT/SMT
Additional training for TA’s 3-6  HLTAs £2000 Progression gap narrowed CT/SMT
Behaviour mentors R-6 Behaviour mentors x2 £30 000  To ensure that emotional and behavioural needs are met TA/CT/SMT
Toast Club R-6 TAs £2570 To ensure children have breakfast TA/SMT
ASC R-6 TAs £3040 To equalise opportunities TA/SMT
Lunch-time Club 2-6  TAs £570 Mentoring support TA/SMT
Financial support R-6  TAs £100 per PP To equalise opportunities P Fowler
Enhanced curriculum activities eg. Trips, theatre groups etc. R-6  CTs £5000 No child is denied access to enhanced curriculum activities CT/SMT
Specialist Non Fiction Reading Comics. Y1-6 Year Group Sets shared. £1100 Extending reading skills through interesting higher level text. DC
Total £155,980

Please download our Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-2018 action plan by clicking here.

Background Information

From April 2011, schools have been able to claim extra funding through the Pupil Premium (PP) Grant to support children's development, learning and care. National data and research tells us that children eligible for free school meals tend to do less well than other children. This extra funding will help us to close this gap.

The Pupil Premium provides school with an extra £1,320 in respect of every child whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits or £1,900 in respect of children who were formerly in local authority care but who left care because they were adopted or were subject to a special guardianship or child arrangements order. This additional money could make a significant difference to us at Granby.

We can use the extra funding in any way we choose to improve the quality of education that we provide for PP children. This could include, for example, additional training for our staff; investing in partnership working with our colleagues in the area to further our expertise; or supporting our staff in woriking in specialised areas. It also enables us to provide specialist interventions to help us to narrow the gap in educational achievement between eligible children and their peers.

Sometimes parents ask us why we allow some families to access PP support and not others. This decision is not made locally by us - it is government policy, delivered through our local authority, Leicester City Council; and is dependent on receipt of certain benefits. Sometimes parents tell us that it seems unfair that some families don't have to pay for trips, ELOs or other services. This decision is not always ours either - there are some things for which we are simply not allowed to charge eligible children.

We know anecdotally that there are many hard-working families in our school who do not qualify for PP for their children but who, nevertheless, find meeting some of the costs difficult. Please do come and speak to Sue Foreman in the office if you feel that you cannot meet the costs of opportunities we provide at school. We may be able to offer help or advice.

We would also urge parents to remember that PP Grant can benefit all the children in school - not only those who are eligible. For example, interventions planned or developed to meet the needs of a group of PP children may be replicated for non-PP children. Training offered to staff to benefit PP children will also make them better equipped to meet the needs of non-PP children. When costs for a trip are met by PP Grant, the cost of the trip is kept lower for everyone else. Resources purchased by the school to support the learning for PP children, will also support the learning of other children. ELOs may be offered to meet the needs of PP children but be available to be accessed by everyone else too. In short, the more families qualify for PP Grant, the greater the benefit to all children at Granby.

We  have to be open and transparent about how much Pupil Premium money we get and how we spend it. You can view this information by following the links below.

There is also a Sports Premium paid by central Government, via the Local Authority, which aims to improve the quality of PE and sport we can offer. This is based on the total number of pupils and is not targetted at pupils eligible for free school meals.

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