Granby Primary School



We welcome parents into school for formal and informal events such as class assemblies, performances and special events. We produce a regualr newsletter to keep you up to date with everything and this is always published on the website. Whenever we send a letter home, that is also published on the website.

There are also two formal Parents' Evenings each year - autumn and spring term; and a written report on your child's progress is produced at the end of the summer term. If parents wish to discuss their child's progress at any other time, please call into the office to make an appointment to see your child's class teacher.


Follow us on Facebook or Tweet us on Twitter! We love to hear your views and opinions and we also use social media to send out important information so get on your apps and talk to us!

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We ask for your email address and mobile phone number so that we can use these media to send out important information. Please keep all of your details up to date by letting us know promptly of any changes.


If your child bumps their head whilst at school, we will send a letter home making you aware of this. Similalry, if we become aware of an outbreak of head lice in your child's class, we will let you know. Parents and staff are asked to inform the office if you become aware that a child in your care has head lice. We recommend the Bug Busting apporach to dealing with head lice - follow the link below for more information.

Bug Busters