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A group of parents and staff have set up a parents' forum which aims to find ways for the school and parents to work together to improve the school. The Parents' Action Group (PAG) started in summer 2015 following a low rate of response to the annual parents' survey and a commitment from Granby governors to develop the 'parent voice'. The meetings present an informal and genuine opportunity for open discussion and have agreed that all issues, whether raised by a parent present or on behalf of other parents, should be general issues and not related to a specific child or incident. As always, if parents have specific issues or concerns, the class teacher should always be the first point of contact.

The group is open to any parents and carers to come along, as well as school staff. We know that different days of the week and different times of day suit different people so we always have both a daytime session and an evening session each time we meet. Notes are taken at each meeting and distributed to those present.

PAG members have agreed the following groundrules:

  • The group will be open to any parents or carers who want to come along, and meetings will be attended by staff as well.

  • It’s okay to discuss any issues which relate to how we can work together to improve the school.

  • It’s not appropriate to discuss individual children or members of staff, or concerns relating to a specific incident.


You said..... We did.....

You said…

We did…

28th October 2016

Parents used this meeting to contribute to the academy conversion consultation Parents' feedback has been incorproated into the academy consultation feedback
Parents asked if the sausages provided in school dinners have changed as children are no longer enjoying them We have contacted the School Meals Service and the sausages are being bought from a new provider. Following feedback, they will soon be reverting to the previous supplier.
Parents raised the issue of a shortage of childcare in the area. Granby agree that there is a severe shortage of local childcare. We already offer 40 places before and after school, a holiday club, toast club and a holiday club in the summer in addition of ELOs during term time. Sadly, there is not the capacity to offer additional childcare here.
Parents suggested that school could promote their excellent safeguarding procedures to raise awareness amongst parents. The school website now has a section on safegaurding for parents, called Keeping Children Safe. We have also put a noticeboard for parents in the Key Stage One hall, where many parents can see it daily.
Parents were surprised to discover that teachers pay progression is dependent on successful appraisal. They suggested that the parent body could be made aware of this.  
Can Mothers' Day be marked in key stage 2? All key stage 2 children make cards and some also make gifts for Mothers' Day.
21st June 2016
Parents suggested that in the new school year, meetings should be held once every half term. It was also agreed that we would try daytime meetings on a Friday as lots of parents don’t seem to work on Fridays. These have been scheduled for 2016-2017
Texts sent in a hurry are not very clear and cause serious disruption for parents – for example the England football match We will try to ensure that texts are clear and unambiguous in the future.
15th March 2016
The Parents’ Action Group held a special meeting to consider questions to ask the candidates at the Deputy Head interviews. An open meeting has been arranged, to which all parents are invited. The group were asked to design the questions and collect feedback from parents afterwards. Members of the group asked the questions in the open forum.
The KS1 Mothers’ Day celebration was extremely successful. Can we have a similar event for Father’s Day? A successful event was held on Father’s Day with some PAG members saying that ‘It was the best event in school ever!’
8th February 2016
Can the welcome meetings for Reception be more specific about day to day routines such as children having their own space on the carpet and having pegs for the toilet? Needs to include terminology and language. This is being looked at for the next round of welcome meetings.
We like the Facebook page but the school website isn’t tablet or mobile friendly. Can this be addressed? We will look into this.
Can we have pen portraits and photos of staff on the website? We will look to implement this in Autumn 2016
Can we have photos of school meals on the website? Yes these are now on the website
Can we give parents more information about how children are rewarded? We use the website, newsletter and texts to do this. We will publicise this more effectively.
13th October 2015
Can we have some Maths events for parents in key stage 2 so that we know how to support our children in Maths? Yes some sessions will be offered in KS2
Can we have more information about Cool Milk, including the costs and when and how it is distributed? Information has been published in the newsletters and on the website
What is the policy re school shoes? How is this consistently applied and how are all children encouraged to follow the policy? The policy is sensible black school shoes, no heels, no flip flops. Shoes must have an ankle strap and laces must be tied. Velcro fastenings are encouraged. Exceptions are made when circumstances dictate.
Will there be choir this term? Yes there will be choir opportunities after half term
7th July 2015
Can we have more information about Penny Assemblies? We regularly publish information in the newsletter about Penny Assemblies
Can the times of the transition meetings be staggered in the future? In Summer 2015, we held the KS1/KS2 transition meetings separately
Can we have reminders in the in/out arrangements downstairs and be consistent about not allowing grown-ups in the cloakrooms We regularly publish this information in our newsletters
Can we have more competitive activities and make sports day more competitive? All class teachers have introduced elements of competition eg spelling bees. Sports Days 2016 were more focussed on competition
Can we have more information about the changes in age-related expectations An explanation was sent out in the school reports in July 2015
Can the Noticeboard on the playground, outside the KS1 classrooms, be used to display important letters? We display letters in noticeboards around school
Can we have more information about cursive handwriting and why this is introduced in the Foundation Stage This information has been sent home to parents and is now published on the website
Can we have stay and play sessions in class where parents can see how the classroom works and how things are being taught. For example, maths is taught differently these days and parents don’t always know how to help their children.
Can this be continued all the way through the school, not just in key stage 1.
Can the hours of the before and after school clubs be extended to support working parents? The school has looked in to this and found that there is difficulty in recruiting appropriate staff to enable the day to be lengthened
We asked parents for ideas about the Granby Values and how we can involve the children in developing a statement of these. Parents’ ideas were recorded and fed into the updated values statement, along with ideas from children, parents, staff and governors. Children were involved in designing a poster describing, ‘If an alien came to our school, what would they see that is truly amazing?’
3rd June 2015

We should set up a parents’ forum which meets at least once a term

Set up the Parents’ Action Group which has met on:
  • 3rd June 2015
  • 7th July 2015
  • 13th October 2015
  • 15th March 2016
  • 21st June 2016
On each meeting date, there should be a daytime and evening meeting We have two opportunities to meet on each date. One is during the day; the other is in the evening
The group should be open to any parents, carers and staff who would like to come along We have had approx. 10% of the school community attend the meetings over the life of the PAG
It’s okay for the group to discuss issues which relate to how we can work together to improve the school; but not to discuss individual children, members of staff or incidents Notes of each meeting are recorded and published on our website
We could collect parents’ views by using Facebook or an online discussion forum We have set up an active Facebook page for Granby and are pursuing the possibility of an online forum
Can there be another meeting before the end of the summer term 2015? The PAG met again on 7th July 2015
Can parents be given more information about the red and yellow card system, rainbow and pot of gold?
Is there a green card to reward good behaviour?
Can we have more information on the school’s Handwriting Policy? Parents are not sure what we should encourage at home
Can we have a specific section for classroom management for each class so that we understand the systems and expectations?
Can we have an opportunity to meet the teacher on Transition Day – to help us put a face to the name. We arranged for ‘open class’ to be held on transition day so that parents could drop in to their child’s new class teacher
Can we use technology more to make communication easier? We have made more effective use of the website, texts to parents, Facebook and email.


Meetings are on the calendar on the website and in the newsletter. They are held in the Camelot Room and refreshments are  provided. We look forward to seeing you there.