Granby Primary School


Foundation Stage


Children are given opportunities to exchange and bring home a story book every week which we encourage parents to read with them. Story telling with young children is particularly important to help develop their enjoyment of reading, have good reading modelled to them and explore characters, voices, story plot and text.


Children in Foundation Stage will also bring home individual reading books which have been assessed to be suitable for their reading level. This system will start in the summer term for nursery and the autumn term in reception.  Again we encourage family members and friends to take the time on a daily basis to hear their child read and give them support as needed. Guidance for adults on supporting reading is provided inside the reading booklet. We encourage families to write a short comment on how well the child read or anything they found particularly challenging.


Each child in the Foundation Stage is given a pink book which they can add to at home with anything of their choice. This may include photographs of things they have done at home or on holiday, drawings, writing, cutting and sticking or painting.  We also provide ideas of some activities that could be carried out at home, supporting the learning during the previous week. These books are collected in weekly and shared.


We understand the valuable role that parents play in their child’s development and provide opportunities for parents to come into school regularly and work in small groups, alongside a teacher.  Parents will be provided with ideas to help their child at home with various skills such as phonics, maths and reading.