Granby Primary School

School Uniform

Granby children are proud to wear their school uniform which helps them to feel that they belong. Uniform embroidered with the Granby logo can be ordered from Tesco, see the link below; children can also wear non-embroidered uniform purchased from any store provided that it meets the requirements below.

White, red or yellow blouse, shirt or polo shirt

Black or grey skirt, trousers or pinafore (of the school wear type - no jeans or casual clothing)

Black or grey skirt or trousers

Red sweatshirt or cardigan

In summer, red gingham dresses and black or grey school wear shorts may be worn. (No cargo or fashion shorts)

Click here to order your Tesco school uniforms

FOOTWEAR: Sensible shoes, no heels, no flip flops. Shoes must have an ankle strap and laces must be tied. Velcro fastenings are helpful.


Children must have appropriate PE kit and footwear. A white, red or yellow t-shirt and/or sweatshirt; black or grey shorts and/or joggers; plimsolls or trainers.


Children need to have appropriate swimwear and boys should wear trunks rather than shorts. Long, baggy shorts can restrict movement and make learning to swim even harder. Swimming goggles may only be worn on completion of the appropriate permission form.

COATS - Children will need appropriate coats to enable outdoor play in all weathers. In winter, scarves, hats and gloves may be required; and in the Foundation Stage, children are encourgaed to have wellington boots.


Long hair is best tied back for school. Make up is not appropriate. Jewellery is not widely permitted, although discreet religious items may be worn. Small, plain studs or sleepers may be worn by children with pierced ears. These must be removed or taped up for PE. Please do not send your child to school in jewellery which has either monetary or sentimental value, as we cannot be held responsbile for it.


PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILD'S CLOTHING AND BELONGINGS! Sometimes items of clothing or other belongings do go missing and we cannot help children to find their things if they are not labelled. Lost property is accumulated in boxes in the cloakrooms and every half term we will invite parents in to check the lost property. At the end of each school year, we will invite parents to a sale of any unlabelled lost property. Any items left after that will be disposed of.


If you need help with any aspect of school uniform, please come and talk to us in the office. We have a limited amount of clothing to borrow and we may be able to offer other help as well. Please come and speak to us at any time.